SCC001-MAG has been the first controller, entirely made in Italy, with magnetic control.

The trigger’s position is read by means of a Hall sensor effect which measures the variation in the magnetic field of a magnet inserted into the trigger itself.

This allows to avoid all frictions in the mechanical components and to use very soft springs, in order to prolong the use of the controller -and so the fun - without stressing the pilot’s hand.

The curve of response has been optimized to have the best result either in slow or fast circuits.

The analogical control of all functions makes the controller ready to a prompt use at the immediate insert of the voltage on the circuit and to self-adjust at the varying of the voltage itself.

Even if not necessary two limit-switches have been placed at the minimum and maximum position: the first one to assure a perfect braking, the second one to have always the maximum value of power supply of the circuit and to eliminate the voltage falls typical of electronic components.

The output circuit has been made with a Mosfet transistor; each component is selected one-by-one for each controller according to its on-resistance.

The less is the resistance, the less is the fall of voltage and the heat dissipation during the use of the controller.

Each controller has three potentiometers:

STARTING: this kind of control, combined with the enclosed “Slow” and “Fast” boards and with the various combination of the six micro-switches, allows to choose the best starting voltage for the slot car.

TRACTION CONTROL : this kind of control, combined with the various positions of the five micro-switches enables and optimize the anti-spin circuit during the acceleration.

This anti-spin circuit works like the Cut-Off in the Formula One cars. It does not limit the power of the engine by switching off the cylinders, but only reducing the current absorbed. If power P of a direct current motor is obtained by multiplying voltage for current (P=V x I) it’s intuitable that while reducing the current it will be consequently reduced the power P: this is to avoid unpleasant spinning of back wheels on going out of the curves.

This function can be excluded, in each moment, by means of a micro-switch and it is automatically disused when the limit-switch of maximum is reached.

BRAKE: this control allows to modify the space of arrest of the model, by means of a potentiometer of 10 Ohm- 5 Watts.

This controller has been designed and made to be used with plastic model of slot cars, either in 1/32 or 1/24 scale. It cannot be used with metal models and Super 16D or similar.

For a correct use it is recommended to read carefully the User’s Guide enclosed with every controller.

Technical features:

Power Supply: 9-24Vdc

Maximum Motor Current: 6A

Operating Temperature: 0-40°

Weight: 288 g ( with cables)